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The Department of Social Work 

The Department of Social Work, Manipal Hospital Bangalore has been envisaged with a view of streamlining the process of granting free and concessional care and supporting the needy patients. We strive to see that the economically weaker sections of the society receive effective medical care and treatment. Rampant illiteracy, ignorance and poverty play havoc during catastrophic events and the unfortunates can be children, aged, destitute women with medical conditions such as defects, disorders, diseases and infections. There will be victims of snake-bites, accidental falls, and road traffic accidents. We encounter them regularly since there is no place for half-hearted attention. Many a time, hi-tech medical attention is needed to save their lives and therefore, we need to go a long way bridging the gap, remain focused on the core values.

To the marginalised and downtrodden, we offer free bed, doctors offer free consultation, diagnostic services provide discount on tests and scans. The patient needs to bear the cost of medicines and disposables. Unfortunately, many of them are incapable of paying this amount too and blame themselves for their fate. This ultimately results in families preparing to lose their dear ones and ready to disintegrate. This is the area we are focusing on to raise funds.

The Department of Social Work supports patients financially and also provides basic counseling to the poor and the needy. We coordinate with the Department of Community Medicine which conducts camps for the poor and the needy in the community.